Felt Tote Bag Sewing and Upcycling Workshop

Calling all makers and creatives! Introducing to you our exciting workshop where you can DIY your own tote bag by upcycling felt and seatbelts! Inspired by Biji Bij Ethical Fashion, we have created a beginner-friendly workshop for people that have no sewing experience. Here you'll be able to make a unique DIY tote bag and unleash your creativity in no time! Felt/needle punch carpets are a staple for events and exhibitions held in Malaysia. The carpets go straight to the landfill after the end of the event. Usually, there is a surplus of unused carpets that are thrown away as well. We work together with the Malaysian Association Of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers to obtain the carpets for upcycling. Seat belt webbing factory offcuts that are faulty due to various factors (such as safety and colour defects), and are considered unusable in the car manufacturing industry, are often used in the Biji Biji collection too. So come and join us for this workshop where we will be using excess felt, carpets and seatbelts to make a positive impact on the environment, as well as create a stylish accessory!