Slow Talk 3.0

Hi everyone, physical meetup is up again! To refresh everyone - Slow Talk events, just as its name implies invites everyone to 'Slow Down' - to aloow yourself to take a breather from the rushed pace of life and enjoy the conversation, the company and the moment! Remember it is totally normal if it takes you awhile to warm up before engaging so don't pressure yourself too much and just enjoy the moments. How it works: 1. Come & sign in your attendance & get your 'name tag' 2. Grab a seat, settle in and maybe even strike up a conversation with a stranger. 3. As the event starts, participants will be divided in groups of 5 and not more than 7. 4. Cups of topics will be prepared to help 5. Groups will be shuffled every 30m or so. Up untill 4.30pm. About the venue: Scroll down this page to find out how to get there: Also a snapshot of the space: