Film's Not Dead! Try Your Hand at Analog Photography!

Missing the good old days? Or simply want to experience the art form of a bygone era? Film’s Not Dead! Try Your Hand At Analog Photography is a film photography workshop for all ages that is aimed at putting an analog camera into the hands of beginners in photography, as well as newcomers to film photography. Price: RM50 (HAUSmates) // RM 100 (Regular) Date: 31st October 2021 Time: 3PM onwards Place: HAUSlab, 3F HAUS KCH Slots: Limited to 5 pax (with cameras) and additional 5 pax (bring your own film camera) COST INCLUDES 1. Hands-on tutorial with live, functional Single Lens Reflex and Rangefinder analog cameras 2. 1 x Analog SLR or Rangefinder during 2-hour session (10 pax maximum) 3. 1 x Roll of BnW Film 4. 1 x Roll Developing and Scanning 5. Light refreshments OPTIONAL ADD-ONS 1. RM25: Print your first roll to show your friends and family! 2. RM60: Like the camera you're using? Rent it for another week! 3. RM28: Want more to shoot? Purchase another roll!*