Batik Painting Workshop by Batek-Lah Collection

  • Physical | Workshop
  • George Town, Malaysia

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Art & Culture


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Drawing & Painting


Local Cultural

About the Experience

Duration: 1 hour

No prior experience required

Up To 50 Learners
Languages: English, M, a, l, a, y


How many of us, when we wear a batik outfit, are asked why are we wearing it and whether are we going somewhere special? Most of the time we choose to wear batik due to workplace requirements or as a dress code to attend certain functions, though it is part of our traditional art and craft. We do not really blend it with our daily lifestyle and in this way people have totally misunderstood the concept of batik. Art and culture is the soul of a city, and James Lim continues to work hard to promote batik in our country as part of our nation’s cultural heritage. This workshop will introduce you to handmade batik. Despite being a large part of our nation’s intangible heritage, batik often goes unnoticed and does not get the limelight that it deserves. At the end of this workshop, you would have explored how to paint batik fabric using traditional Malaysian paint styles. You would also learn about the different batik fabrics and how to differentiate handmade (batik asli) and machine-made batik.


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