Character Portraits Design Workshop

Lesson Outline 1) Class starts with introduction to the Basic Structure of the Head, the Rhythms that ties the Features (Facial) together and how we can simplify all that into an approachable method. Extra bit would be how different styles (Disney/Anime/Manga etc.) would apply these basic understanding into their own aesthetic approach 2) Next we will observe real life photos or through in-class observation and see how we can utilize the first lesson into our own drawings. This would be where we touch upon a few Design Principles such as Proportions and Visual Balance (Spacing) of the Features 3) Finally, once we have made our basic frame work of the face, we will delve into Designing the Features of the Face. The previous lessons will be applied here as well but at a more detailed level, more Design Principles such Visual Hierachy (Big/Medium/Small) and Contrast (Simple Vs. Complex, Straights vs. Curves) and how these will be implemented when drawing the Eyes, Mouth, Nose and Ears 4) Lesson ends with Q&A session and casual borak-borak! Feel free to bring along your previous sketches and share with us on your favorite shows/movies/comics/games/art styles. This is when we get to nerd out!