Exhibition: Animal Collection by Dad's Woods

  • Physical | Show & Exhibition
  • George Town, Malaysia

Themes & Topics

Art & Culture


About the Experience

Duration: 7 hours

No prior experience required

Up To 100 Learners
Language: English


Seeking to create a Malaysian collection thats speaks to all Malaysian of different generations, the ANIMAL collection draws inspiration from the Sang Kancil folklore, that all of us grew up with. At Dad’s Woods we strive to showcase the best of Malaysian timber & material in the best possible form & light. The ANIMAL collection is crafted with Malaysia Teak wood. An authentic Malaysian teak wood in slab form is rather hard to come by. Distinct from it’s Indonesian or South-East Asian counterpart, genuine Malaysian teak is prized for its opulent golden hue, superior in quality and maturity to the other teak from the region. Known for it’s strength & density, it is traditionally used for building ships & houses. Comprising of 15 pieces that reference 6 indigenous animals from the folklore, each piece is one of a kind and is our first and only attempt in creating sculptural furniture, that also serves a functioning artwork.


How to prepare

Interested individual do not have to prepare or bring anything.