Film's Not Dead! Try Your Hand at Analog Photography!

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  • Kuching, Malaysia

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Digital Skills

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Film Photography

About the Experience

Duration: 3 hours

No prior experience required

Up To 10 Learners
Languages: English, M, a, l, a, y


Missing the good old days? Or simply want to experience the art form of a bygone era? Film’s Not Dead! Try Your Hand At Analog Photography is a film photography workshop for all ages that is aimed at putting an analog camera into the hands of beginners in photography, as well as newcomers to film photography. Price: RM50 (HAUSmates) // RM 100 (Regular) Date: 31st October 2021 Time: 3PM onwards Place: HAUSlab, 3F HAUS KCH Slots: Limited to 5 pax (with cameras) and additional 5 pax (bring your own film camera) COST INCLUDES 1. Hands-on tutorial with live, functional Single Lens Reflex and Rangefinder analog cameras 2. 1 x Analog SLR or Rangefinder during 2-hour session (10 pax maximum) 3. 1 x Roll of BnW Film 4. 1 x Roll Developing and Scanning 5. Light refreshments OPTIONAL ADD-ONS 1. RM25: Print your first roll to show your friends and family! 2. RM60: Like the camera you're using? Rent it for another week! 3. RM28: Want more to shoot? Purchase another roll!*


How to prepare

Reading up doesn't hurt! Here are some references that make good preparation: Reading Material 1. Metering for Film, Understanding the Basics of Exposure – By JK Lockwood @ 35mmc 2. What is Depth-of-Field? The two websites above are a treasure trove of knowledge--do explore to your heart's extent! On-Topic Video References: For The Workshop How to Shoot 35mm Film by GrainyDays Off-topic Complementary Videos: For The Culture How a Lab Develops and Scans Film Photos by Willem Verbeeck While you explore film photography on your own, prepare any questions you may have to be asked on the day of the workshop. You will be given a camera manual the day/week prior to your workshop date.

The host will provide

  • Unopened Film (Black and White)
  • Film SLR
  • Film Rangefinder
  • Camera Manual (digital file)
  • Light Refreshments

What to bring

  • Note-taking Device / Workbook
  • Face Mask