Panel Campfire Chat: Unmasking Imposter Syndrome at Workplace

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Duration: 1 hour
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Language: English


You’ve dedicated yourself to your career, consistently making progress and climbing the ranks. From the outside, others see you as successful. 🌟

Yet, there’s a persistent sensation that you can’t seem to shake—the feeling of being an imposter. 🦹🏼‍♀️

Imposter syndrome can cast a shadow on even the most accomplished individuals, hindering their ability to recognize their true worth and potential.

In this Panel Campfire, we bring together 2 seasoned mentors, Marcus Fong, Lead of Human Experience of JLL and Marissa Gross, PR & Communications Manager of UnderDefense Cybersecurity, who have not only faced imposter syndrome head-on but have triumphed over it.

🔥 What we’ll discuss:
1️⃣ Mentors’ personal experience with imposter syndrome. They’ll unmask their own struggles and vulnerabilities, making you realize that you are not alone in this battle.
2️⃣ Strategies for Career Advancement: How to challenge imposter syndrome when aiming for promotions and navigating career transitions.
3️⃣ Boosting Self-Confidence: Overcoming self-doubt and embrace your accomplishments.
4️⃣ Setting Realistic Career Goals: Learn to craft a path that aligns with your capabilities and aspirations while keeping imposter syndrome at bay.

Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back from achieving your full potential. Join us at and take the first step towards unmasking imposter syndrome and embracing your authentic self in the workplace.