karma yoga international yoga day 2023

  • Physical | Event
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Themes & Topics

Wellness & Spirituality

Yoga & Meditation, Self-awareness & Empathy

Health & Safety


About the Experience

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

No prior experience required

Up To 100 Learners
Languages: English, Malay, Chinese, English


international yoga day 2023: yoga for the komuniti

when: saturday & sunday 17th & 18th june
where: kl wellness city gallery, park within
price: myr 5
this is a komuniti class where full proceeds goes to charity
no walk-ins. booking is required on the website as no of students are capped

please, bring your own yoga mat and props.

2023’s international yoga day theme globally is “yoga for humanity” 

to us, humanity is to be human. and to be human, we simply just be. human - be- ing.

with that in mind, karma yoga would like to celebrate yogis being human by what we do best - being with the komuniti. 

come join us at kl wellness city as we bring our classroom on saturday 17th june and sunday 18th june to kl wellness city, bukit jalil. join the komuniti and explore the vibe of our conscious collective being, basking in the glow of (sweat) and smiling upside down, together. 

other partners like mybelly kombucha, black bixon coffee, liberty active, wolo yoga, kippy bakes, inari jewelry and more will be there to support us and join the fun. pst - we heard there will be (loads) of giveaways :) 


How to prepare

please kindly bring your own yoga mat and props required for practice

What to bring

  • yoga mat