NEXT - Minting Party (NFT 101)

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Themes & Topics

Digital & Information Technologies


Art & Culture


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About the Experience

Duration: 3 hours

No prior experience required

Up To 50 Learners
Languages: English, M, a, l, a, y


Want to learn how to mint NFTs but don't have the funds to start? No worries, fam 😁NFXT and NFT.MY will be giving out funds for beginners to embark on their NFT journey. This will be a 2 day event. The 1st day will be a class on the basics of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, & NFTs, whereas the 2nd day will be more of a show & tell session for newcomers where seasoned NFXT artists will share their latest NFT drop, upcoming artworks, or even works in progress! We will be imparting extensive resources, networking sessions, as well as useful tips & tricks to thrive together in this up and coming space.


How to prepare

After registration you will receive the link to our discord server. You may view this tutorial for more assistance: Additionally, 1. If you can, set up your cryptowallet (use Metamask) using the instructions in the link 2. We will be doing the onboarding session on using Binance Smart Chain (BNB) 3. Let us know your wallet address so we can send some funds (BNB) to you! 4. Have at least 2 artworks ready for 2nd day if you want to mint (sell) your artwork For the ones that successfully install Metamask wallet and proof of artworks to mint on the 1st day, we will be giving out funds to those who are serious to test this