Perception vs. Deception - Understanding the Art of Nature’s Disguises

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  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Duration: 2 hours

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Language: English


From cryptic concealments to mimics and masquerades, Mother Nature is the original trickster. Across the planet, countless organisms utilize deceit to gain an advantage in their never-ending bid for survival. These remarkable adaptations, crafted by the uncompromising paintbrush of natural selection, have resulted in some of the most extravagantly detailed outfits, some of which seem to approach the realm of science fiction. Over the past 25 years of roaming the tropical rainforests across four continents, Chien has sought out these devious designs of nature with the aim of documenting them with photographs. Some of the most memorable encounters are those that have made him look twice, sometimes more, before realizing a wondrous disguise for what it truly is. Indeed, it is a great honor to have been duped by nature – for this implies that one has experienced a direct communication with the natural world exactly the way it was intended. As the Masters of Disguise exhibition comes to a close, come and listen to Chien speak on the art of nature's disguises!