Grow Local Sayur! Parents & Teachers’ Guide to Cultivating Edible Plants

What can be better than reuniting with nature after a long and tedious MCO? Just imagine inhaling fresh air while planting the first seeds in your very own mini-garden and soon enjoying the taste of your self-grown produce. We at Eats, Shoots & Roots are here to help you turn this dream into reality! This online workshop is designed specifically for teachers and parents who are interested in cultivating local Malaysian sayur. That includes various kinds of edible plants and vegetables from chili hijau to crispy kailan - you name it, we’ll teach you how to grow it! Participants will also explore the nutritional value of the plants in question. You don’t need any prior experience in gardening as we will be guiding and supporting you in your future hands-on endeavors! Each participant will also receive a copy of the “Parent/Teacher’s Guide To Growing Local Sayur” (aka planting cheat sheet), so you will be able to refer to it whenever, wherever. Join our workshop today to pick up a new hobby and spread the word about gardening among your families, friends, students and colleagues!