Textured Fabric Art in Kuching

  • Physical | Workshop
  • Kuching, Malaysia

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Drawing & Painting

About the Experience

Duration: 3 hours
Not Applicable
Up To 9 Learners

Private booking available

Languages: English, Chinese
Multiple ticket types


In this 1 hour textile art Experience, you will learn through the process of creating a unique fabric piece. We’ll start by using a textured materials to bring folds and wrinkles texture on the canvas.

After that, we’ll explore how to put the fabric together using hand techniques. Finally, you will learn how to use colour to further enhance your creations.

By the end of this Experience, you will have created a one-of-a-kind fabric artwork that expresses your own individual style and imagination! 

Each finished fabric textured art piece is handcrafted and lovingly unique. You will bring home a unique piece of minimalist textured artwork that would look great for your home.