Unconference: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - Breakout Room 3

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  • Denpasar, Indonesia

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About the Experience

Duration: 1 hour
Not Applicable
Up To 40 Learners
Language: English


Embark on a transformative exploration of "Unconscious Bias and its Impact on ED&I in the Workplace." Delve into engaging discussions, real-world scenarios, and collaborative problem-solving. I'll share insights into understanding and mitigating unconscious bias, fostering a workplace rooted in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I). Expect an interactive and thought-provoking experience that empowers you to drive positive change in your workplace.

Speaker: Raymond Phang
Raymond, a digital transformation expert with 9 years of global experience, specializes in driving product growth from a global perspective to China. With a background in Global Sales and Marketing, he has recently focused on mobile payment solutions and digital commerce strategies in the Chinese and SEA markets. Raymond is currently exploring Sustainable Financing after making a significant impact in Sustainability at a top Malaysian financial institution. His passion lies in deepening his expertise in digital commerce, technology, and strategic management, particularly in emerging markets like SEA. He is dedicated to promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) in leadership roles and serves as the co-founder of ShanghaiPRIDE, where he actively leads DEIB initiatives in China and Asia. Beyond work, Raymond enjoys the beach, culinary experiences, fine wine, movies, and quality time with friends.


How to prepare

Come ready to engage! Reflect on your workplace experiences, as we'll delve into real-world scenarios highlighting unconscious bias. Be prepared for small-group exercises, open discussions, and scenario-based role plays tailored to understanding and mitigating bias. Your active participation will contribute to a rich, collaborative learning environment. Let's collectively shape a future of inclusivity!