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Themes & Topics

Hobbies & Entertainment


About the Experience

Duration: 2 hours

No prior experience required

Up To 5 Learners
Language: Malay


Your description is a chance to inspire Learners to take part in your Experience. Think about it like a story, with a beginning, middle and ending. 1. First, briefly describe what you’ll do with your Learners. What unique details set it apart from other similar Experiences? 2. Then, get more specific. How will you kick things off? How will you make Learners feel engaged during your time together? 3. Finally, explain what you want your Learners to leave with and how they can take their newfound knowledge further. End with a strong selling point. Please make your description concise. An optimum word count is 100-200 words.


How to prepare

Please provide clear instructions for your audience, including the meeting point and location of your Experience, transportation directions and other guidelines that you consider worth mentioning. Make sure that your description is concise. An optimum word count is 100-200 words.