The Sustainability Fundamentals Workshop by Fashion Revolution Malaysia

The Sustainability Fundamentals workshop is here to provide aspiring and seasoned designers with the foundational knowledge and tools to actively engage in sustainability challenges and opportunities as a brand. This workshop is also aspired to be the stepping stone for designers to be confident ambassadors of sustainable change that the local industry seeks. Through this workshop, participants will get to; - Broaden their knowledge on sustainable fashion, sustainable business models, circular economy and related concepts. - Understand the challenges and opportunities brands face when they try to create or transition into sustainable business models. - Learn basic vocabularies and tools to discuss sustainable business models, ideas and concepts in the context of fashion. - Be inspired by case studies from the fashion industry, and learn the details of their innovative and sustainable business models A suggested nominal donation of RM20 for students and RM50 for businesses will be applicable on the day. For the donation, you will be provided with the program contents and supporting materials courtesy of Fashion Revolution Malaysia. All donation proceeds are used to run Fashion Revolution's outreach programs and ongoing campaigns. Fashion Revolution Malaysia is a 100% volunteer-run NGO.