Transformers Tribute: Design Your Robot Figurine

Calling all Transformers and Gundam fans! Ever dreamed of becoming a true robot designer? Then dive deep into our one-of-a-kind Experience inspired by high tech and anime classics! Throughout the workshop, we will be nurturing your creative side and teaching you how to make your very own robot figurine using a 3D modeling approach. We will go through each stage section by section to enhance your learning process and perfect your robot model to make it look 100% real! Over the course of 3 hours, you will become confident using TinkerCAD for 3D design. Upon the completion of the workshop, we will also print your robot using an RP Maker Mark 2 3D printer and deliver the model right to your door so that you can show it to your family and friends! Google Meets and Google Classroom will be used as our online tools for learning and socializing. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our workshop and embarking on a creative journey all together!