How Self Containing Ecosystems Function

Come join us and learn the skill of terrarium making! With the guidance of our instructor, explore your crafty side and create your own story jars. Learn all about plant care and responsibility through this simple activity. Dont buy a gift! Come make one and share it with loved ones! Get creative, inspire your curiosity and enhance your wellbeing via a unique experience based around the beauty of botany… You’ll gain a whole host of reusable skills, you’re certain to make new friends and most importantly, you’ll have fun doing it. Get ready to get those hands dirty! Come along empty-handed and leave with your own terrarium, a new set of skills and maybe even some new friends – at Me.reka, we set the scene and provide everything that you need to create a unique and inspired utopia. WHAT IS A TERRARIUM? A terrarium is a glass vessel filled with miniature plants, rocks and soil. They mimic real landscapes and bring nature inside.There are two types of terrariums: open & closed. The best part about a terrarium is that you can use just about anything to contain it! Terrariums allow you to witness nature’s true beauty from behind the glass and in the palms of your hands!