KakiRepair With KakiDIY

A DIY Repair Movement is a philosophy that encourages YOU to fix YOUR own stuff rather than just throwing it away! What is KakiRepair? It is a movement that encourages people to acquire a habit of repairing their broken things, rather than just throwing them away. This is a place to learn how to diagnose and fix the items yourself. Please note that this is not a repair shop, and the idea is not to bring your broken items in and pay someone to fix them - you will will be the one doing it! Our experienced community members will be here to guide and assist you in using the basic tools and techniques. Who can participate? Our experience is open to ANYONE! Don’t worry if you have no prior skills in repairing things - let’s diagnose and tackle the problems together along with the Kaki Repair community which consists of DIY enthusiasts! Those of you with basic knowledge and experience in reparation are also welcome to join us. Do come over to help out, make friends and expand our movement! Why are we doing this? By following KakiDIY’s motto “RECYCLE, REDUCE, REUSE", we can greatly reduce waste and reuse broken items around us by repairing them or transforming them into something new. So what are the charges? The participation is FREE of charge, although donations are welcome to help the movement grow and impact more communities. Bring your family and friends too! They can also learn a thing or two on how to fix household items. We look forward to seeing you all!