Penang Storefront Intermediate Watercolor Workshop

Painting buildings may seem intimidating but what it really requires is an admiration of structural beauty made possible by architects, contractors and the workers who built them eye for details and the desire to encapsulate it on paper. Old storefronts from yesteryears make for interesting subjects (sadly modern buildings can be cold and bland) with cultural details and fun colors, lucky for us these buildings can still be found in parts of Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca as well as Ipoh. In this workshop we will be teaching how the approach to painting a storefront from scratch, layer by layer, adding details and typography. You might not be able to complete the entire painting at the end of the class (an additional video tutorial will be sent to you after the workshop for reference) because a key part of painting shopfronts is patience, however you should have the fundamentals and knowledge necessary to continue on your own and even try out other store fronts!