Clock In to Sustainability at Taylor’s Me.reka MakerSpace

What’s better than a clock that you made yourself, you might ask? A clock that you made yourself with upcycled kimono fabric, of course! We often throw out our old clothes without putting much thought into them. Recycling your old clothes is not a new concept. But who thought that we could make clocks out of them? This one-of-a-kind workshop is a perfect blend of sustainability and creativity. Experience the joy of laser-cutting your plywood, using upcycled kimono fabric, and painting your clock with colors, while creating a positive impact. Learn the basics of laser cutting, step-by-step guided assembly, and many of your firsts! Note: This Experience will take place both at Taylor's Mereka Makerspace and Mereka Publika! P.S. This workshop welcomes kids aged 12 and above.