Advanced Wheel Building Course

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  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Themes & Topics

Engineering & Manufacturing

Wheel building

About the Experience

Duration: 18 hours
Up To 6 Learners

Private booking available

Languages: English, Malay
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The Wheel Building Course is a specialized program aimed at cyclists interested in mastering the art of wheel building. Wheels are a critical component of any bicycle, and building them from scratch requires precision and expertise. In this course, participants learn the fundamentals of wheel building, including spoke tensioning, rim selection, lacing patterns, and truing techniques. Upon completion, participants will have the skills to build strong and durable wheels tailored to their specific needs.

It will be two or three days course. If learner can catch up the full courses can be finish by two days, if need more time we will extend for three days. It will be 9am to 5pm each day


How to prepare

### How to Prepare for the Advanced Wheel Building Class To excel in the Advanced Wheel Building Class, here are some key steps to prepare effectively: 1. **Mental Preparation**: Gear up mentally for some calculations involved in the wheel building process. Understanding the theory and components of a bicycle wheel will be crucial. 2. **Equipment Preparation**: - **Hub and Rim**: Decide whether you want to bring your own hub and rim for the class or use the ones provided during the session. - **Spokes**: You have the option to bring your own spokes or purchase them from the class organizers. By being mentally prepared and having your equipment in order, you'll be ready to dive into the intricate world of advanced wheel building with confidence and enthusiasm!

The host will provide

  • Advanced Bicycle Wheel Bulding E-book

What to bring

  • Hub
  • Rim
  • Spoke