Composting Workshop & Guided Nature Walk

  • Physical | Workshop
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Themes & Topics

Nature & Environment

Gardening & Permaculture

About the Experience

Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes

No prior experience required

Up To 25 Learners
Language: English


Join us at: Location: The Shed, Taman Tugu Date: 26th February Time: 10am The host ESR was founded in 2012, and aims to reconnect urbanites with nature by empowering them with the skills & tools to grow food. They do this because they strongly feel that agriculture is a gateway for every person to understand how nature works, and when they understand nature, they can make sound decisions on climate change and ecology. A little about the team, Shao-Lyn (Design Director / Co-Founder) discovered permaculture site Embun Pagi, and was awestruck by how little she knew about cultivating her own food, and by our high level of dependency on others for basic necessities. She then co-founded Eats, Shoots & Roots in 2012, with the aim of empowering people with the skills and tools to grow their own food. Naqib Iskandar (Garden Manager) who's on a mission to help empower more people to be able to enjoy growing their own food, leads the garden projects at Eats, Shoots & Roots, and external clients’ spaces - the largest being VTOC Urban Farm in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. With skills in the education segment, Naqib also leads the garden classes at Rimbun Montessori, educating young minds on planting and nature. Zhi Yun Chia (Projects Assistant) supports in facilitating ESR workshops and gardens (including the VTOC Urban Farm in downtown Kuala Lumpur). She finds joy in working with communities because she believes everyone has an important role to play in any shared space. The Taman Tugu guided walk will cover 1.5km of the Taman Tugu trails. This will take about 45mins. During the walk, participants will learn more about the background and history of the site, interesting facts of the trails or trees or plants, the role of forests and the initiatives taken to help preserve and conserve this 66-acre green lung. Do wear comfortable shoes and attire for the nature walk! The journey towards a more sustainable future starts today. Hope to see you there! Follow Biji-biji Initiative to keep up to date with our upcoming events: Follow Friends of Taman Tugu:


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