Craft & Tuft: Create Your Own Rug!

  • Physical | Workshop
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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About the Experience

Duration: 3 hours

No prior experience required

Up To 6 Learners
Languages: English, C, h, i, n, e, s, e


1. Join us for an in-person tufting workshop with MYTUFTY! 2. In this hands-on instructional class, participants will learn to use power tufting machines to create a rug. 3. The 3-hour class will cover the basics of threading and operating tufting machines to complete your project. 4. Participants will work on projects of their own design on a 60cm x 60cm frame. Estimate piece 40cm x 40cm.


How to prepare

1. Choose the design for your project and send it to us 2 days before the workshop via email or whatsapp Please do not choose too complex design for your project, limit them to 5 colors. 2. You need to leave your rugs for backing process which will take around 2 weeks. We will inform you once it is ready for collection. Express Backing Service is available at RM30 for collection on next day. 3. Should you request for delivery, RM10 will be charge for PM. EM and Overseas delivery charge will be defined by the agent.