Discover the Art of Shadow Puppetry with Fusion Wayang Kulit

  • Physical | Workshop
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Themes & Topics

Art & Culture

Classical Culture

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Drawing & Painting

About the Experience

Duration: 5 hours

No prior experience required

Up To 10 Learners
Languages: English, Malay


Join us for in learning more about the traditional form of shadow puppetry that has captivated audiences for centuries. In this workshop, you'll have the rare opportunity to learn the intricate art of creating your own Malaysian Wayang Kulit shadow puppet!

Under the guidance of experienced puppeteers, you'll discover the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship behind this ancient art form. From coloring and drawing to intricately knocking out each hole, you'll learn the traditional techniques used in creating these exquisite puppets.

One of the unique features of our workshop is the chance to choose from a range of traditional characters, as well as more advanced and complex modern characters that add a contemporary twist to this traditional art form (Do take note that more complex characters will be subject to additional charges.) Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this workshop is open to all skill levels.

By participating in this workshop, you'll not only have the opportunity to create your own personalized Wayang Kulit puppet, but you'll also be contributing to the preservation of this cultural treasure. Lets do #MoreTogether to keep this ancient art form alive and thriving for future generations to appreciate.


The host will provide

  • Puppet Template
  • Hammer
  • Wooden Slab
  • Colouring Materials