Welding Workshop for Beginners

Learn the basics of how to weld. When learning a new skill it is always best to start with the fundamentals, and for welding that is the MIG. This 2-hour taster workshop will introduce you to the process of welding and then give you some hands-on experience running beads. Metalworking may seem challenging at first but with a little bit of guidance, it becomes easy and often therapeutic! This introductory workshop is for those with no prior experience in metalworking. Join us to learn the nitty-gritty of basic metalwork, including material preparations, measurements, cutting, grinding, and basic assembling. You will also learn how to operate essential machinery like drop saws and angle grinders. All materials and safety gear will be provided. We are waiting for you, metalhead. Sign up today! P.S. This workshop welcomes kids aged 12 and above.