Hin Market

  • Physical | Event
  • George Town, Malaysia

Themes & Topics

Arts & Crafts


About the Experience

Duration: 6 hours

No prior experience required

Up To 1000 Learners
Language: English


Hin Market is a platform for entrepreneurs, small business owners, craftsmen, artisans, musicians, performers, and makers of all kinds to showcase their products, crafts, and talents. At Hin Bus Depot, we strongly believe in supporting small businesses in our community. The benefits are tremendous. Small businesses deliver community character and economic advantages to the local community, as well as strengthen partnerships among neighbours, residents, other small business owners, community leaders and even schools by offering social and economic relationships. ​Beyond actual dollars being kept within the local community—which is significantly higher when dollars are spent at a local business versus a corporate one—small business owners are also more likely to "do good" for our community.


How to prepare

Just bring yourself, your friends and family to Hin Bus Depot! Admission is free. Our vendors accept cash and e-wallet payments. We encourage everyone to use less plastic so please bring your own containers and cutleries if possible. If not, the vendors will provide you non-plastic containers and cutleries. NOTE: The venue strictly does not allow smoking (cigarettes and vape) and pets.