Introduction to Art Therapy

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  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Wellness & Spirituality

Mental Health

About the Experience

Duration: 3 hours
Not Applicable
Up To 30 Learners
Language: English


Embark on an enriching journey of self-discovery through our "Introduction to Art Therapy Workshop," uniquely designed to illuminate the profound intersection of creativity and therapy. Facilitated by Su Mei, a Registered Art Therapist, this workshop offers an exclusive insight into the world of professional Art Therapy.

During this immersive session, participants will engage in hands-on activities and guided discussions that uncover the foundational principles of Art Therapy. Su Mei, who currently operates Art Tearapy, a private practice with a team of 3 other skilled Art Therapists in Melbourne, will share her expertise. The workshop explores how artistic expression becomes a potent language for emotional exploration and healing, transcending words to unlock inner depths.

Through real-world case studies and interpretative exercises, participants will learn to decipher visual cues and symbols within art, honing the art of non-verbal communication in therapeutic settings. By the workshop's conclusion, attendees will possess a comprehensive understanding of Art Therapy's professional dimensions and its multifaceted applications in personal growth, mental well-being, and interpersonal dynamics. This illuminating experience promises transformative insights, equipping you with valuable knowledge to enrich your own journey and insight into the therapeutic realm.


How to prepare

Get ready for a transformative journey into the world of art as a therapeutic medium. Foundations of Art Therapy: Su Mei will guide you through the basics of Art Therapy, explaining how creative expression becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery and emotional release. Express and Release: Engage in hands-on art exercises designed to help you express your emotions and thoughts without words, experiencing the cathartic nature of the process. Case Studies: Explore real-life examples of Art Therapy's impact in various contexts, deepening your understanding of its applications. Q&A and Discussion: Have your questions ready for an interactive Q&A session with Su Mei. Share your insights and thoughts with fellow participants. This is a workshop for Adults, but children may attend if accompanied by their parents. By the end of this workshop, you'll have a solid grasp of the foundations of Art Therapy and its potential for personal growth and healing. Get ready to tap into your creativity and embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and discovery.

The host will provide

  • A2 paper
  • pastels
  • Clay
  • Markers
  • Watercolor
  • Paint