Leadership Coaching

  • Online | Event

Themes & Topics

Life Skills

Leadership, Decision-making & Problem-solving, Communication & Interpersonal Skills

About the Experience

Duration: 1 hour

No prior experience required

Up To 1 Learners
Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia


This experience is open to you who are ready to start your leadership journey! We will explore together on what is important for you now as you're shaping the future you aspire. This could be discovering innovative ways to lead your team, pursuing new practices to hone your leadership skills, finding opportunities for your professional development, designing your career path, or simply to plan your next steps for the coming months. 

This one-on-one coaching session will be a beginning for you to shift behaviors and mindsets that will ultimately support you thrive professionally and/or personally. 


How to prepare

Come to the session with open mind and vulnerability. Please allow yourself to be honest to yourself.