Lino Block Party! Printmaking art jam with Vaguely x MTMT Studio

  • Physical | Workshop
  • Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Themes & Topics

Arts & Crafts


About the Experience

Duration: 1 hour
Up To 10 Learners
Language: English


Customise your own totebag and art prints, using vaguelydaydreams’ hand-carved lino stamps and blocks in various designs! This art jam is conceptualy similar to a studio open-day (vegooly does not have her own studio, thank you MTMT for collaborating with me) and also  inspired by the personalised stamp stations located in Muji stores. You will be guided through the process of preparing ink, applying it onto carved blocks, and pressing/stamping it onto the surfaces of choice, and gain an introduction into the techniques and art form of blockprinting.

One of the most popular items ever sold by vegooly are her "bagus cake" lino printed totebags - in this art jam, not only do you get to make your own vegooly bag, but you can mix and match  from over 20 lino blocks (including the famed bagus cake)  to decorate one that is truly one of a kind.  

Each participant will take home blockprints that they have created on various items, including:

  • 1 Totebag per participant 

  • Up to 5 block prints on paper (Postcards, Bookmarks, Art prints, up to the participant)

  • 1 sheet of loose upcycled fabric (these can be used as tapestry, or the participants can later cut/sew them to use as table mats, patches to sew onto apparel, and so on)

You are encourageddd to bring any of your own items you'd like to print on as well :)

Note that this art jam does not teach you how to carve lino nor provide the materials for it. Participants will get to use the provided carved lino pieces created by vegooly, but only get to take home the finished prints (I need my blocks so I can continue to print some more later hehe). 


How to prepare

You are free to bring extra things you might want to vegooly-fy with linoprints, such as: - Old clothes you'd like to spruce up with new patterns! eg. Tote bag, t-shirt, jacket, jeans. - People who sew can bring in plain fabric if they'd like to create their own patterned material!! (Lino ink takes a bit of time to dry, so please only bring anything small enough that you can carry it home easily without smudging ink) - Notebooks/journal/scrapbook - smaller lino blocks can be stamped onto the cover or on the pages inside - These will be provided, but if you can, bring along your own plastic folder/sleeves or bags to carry home your finished prints!

The host will provide

  • Printmaking ink
  • Lino blocks
  • Tote bag
  • Fabric & paper