Nightwalk & Photo Editing Workshop with Chien C. Lee

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  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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About the Experience

Duration: 2 hours
Up To 10 Learners
Language: English


THIS EXPERIENCE SPANS TWO DAYS. PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE ABLE TO ATTEND BOTH TIME SLOTS. This workshop is designed for those with a genuine interest and desire to improve their photography skills. ****************** Join us for an exciting two-day experience that combines a night walk and photo editing workshop with wildlife photography expert, Chien C. Lee. Day 1 | Nightwalk at Kemensah | 25 March 2023 | 8pm - 10pm Day 2 | Photo Editing Workshop at GMBB | 26 March 2023 | 12pm - 2pm On Day 1, we'll embark on a 1-2 hour night walk through the rainforest to observe nocturnal creatures and practice close-up photography. Chien will share his field techniques for approaching and photographing animals, and participants will have the chance to have hands-on practice of close-up photography. Exact location for meet-up will be provided via WhatsApp. Please note that there is no guarantee of seeing animals due to natural conditions and transportation to the meet-up point will not be provided. Each participant is also responsible for their own safety and the organisers will not be liable for any injuries, damages, or loss of personal property during the event. Participants will be required to sign a waiver form and to follow all instructions and guidelines provided by the organisers, including those related to safety, behaviour, and equipment use. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the participant being unable to participate in the event, or being removed from the event at the discretion of the organiser. Day 2 will feature a 2-hour photo editing workshop, where Chien will share his expertise on photo editing software and techniques. Participants will have the chance to ask questions and get hands-on experience with their own photos, working through specific problems and learning new skills. Chien will also share his knowledge on equipment and lighting gear, making this workshop an excellent opportunity for photographers of all levels. Space is limited and a forest permit will be required. So register early to secure your spot! We look forward to a fun and informative event with Chien C. Lee, and hope to see you there! The fee of RM 150 includes:- 1. Nightwalk Guided Experience 2. Forest Entry Permit 3. Chien C. Lee's Nature's Tricks (Newly released, RRP: RM 120) 4. Editing Workshop 5. 1 drink from Jiak Kopi (Provided during Editing Workshop)


How to prepare

1. Upon registration, you will be contacted by the GMBB team for additional information required for your forest permit entry. These information should be provided within 24 hours of being contacted, or you may be at risk of not receiving your permit in time for the nightwalk. 2. Participants should be in good physical condition and able to handle uneven terrain and moderate inclines. There are some points where the participant may be required to crawl or the soil may be slippery on a wet day. 3. Please note that the night walk may be cancelled in the event of inclement weather, and there will be no possibility of rescheduling or refunds. While we will do our best to proceed with the walk as planned, the safety of our participants is our top priority. 4. Participants are expected to follow all instructions and guidelines provided by the organizers, including those related to safety, behavior, and equipment use. 5. Failure to comply with any requirements stated by the organiser may result in the participant being unable to participate in the event. Organizers reserve the right to refuse participation or remove a participant from the event at any time, for any reason. 6. Organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property or equipment during the event, and all participants should take appropriate measures to protect their own belongings.

What to bring

  • Long Pants
  • Long Sleeved Shirt
  • Raincoat
  • Extra Batteries
  • Battery-Powered Head Lamps
  • Water Bottle
  • Camera
  • Comfortable & Sturdy Shoes Suitable for Uneven Terrain
  • Hard Disc with Own Wildlife Photos (Editing Workshop)
  • Laptop (Optional, Editing Workshop)
  • Insect Repellent (Optional)
  • RM 5 Parking Fee for NightWalk