Stitch & Bitch #3: Heirlooms and Heritage

For many cultures across generations, textiles possess ecological symbolism, interwoven into the identities of its communities. Clothes were made to last a lifetime. It can help build bridges and transfer knowledge between the old and the young. However, today's fast, disposable fashion decays the idea that we can build valuable relationships with our clothes. We deep dive into how our fashion heritage shapes our past, present and future and what it means for Malaysia. **** Stitch ‘N Bitch is a social meet-up for likeminded fashionistas, where we stitch (literally) to prolong the lives of our clothes and take part in a guided conversation. It's a cross between a roundtable discussion and a mending circle - you can bring along your own mending or sewing projects (*optional) while we engage in conversation on current fashion issues, trends and the future of the fashion industry. Session led by Fitri Baderulnizam, Youths United For Earth (YUFE)