Spatial Stories

  • Physical | Show & Exhibition
  • Melaka, Malaysia

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Art & Culture

Spatial-biography documentation

About the Experience

Duration: 2 hours
Not Applicable
Up To 100 Learners
Language: English


Harold Egn Eswar joins us from Sabah to share his art project; collecting childhood memories of growing up in Kota Kinabalu, using maps, to create a spatial-biography documentation.

“Map your life!”
Usually, we see our life like a history book. We never look at it as a geography map. Instead of putting the events of our life in a chronological order, why not to draw them on a spatial dimension?

Harold would also like to share his process with us. Please do bring a printed map of your neighbourhood you grew up in, or a neighbourhood you would like to collect memories of.

It will be an intimate, hands-on discussion & time of sharing.

To find out more about Harold’s project: