Sunday Morning Yoga for Beginner Class at Muzium Telekom

  • Physical | Program
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Themes & Topics

Wellness & Spirituality

Yoga & Meditation

About the Experience

Duration: 1 hour

No prior experience required

Up To 10 Learners
Languages: English, Malay, Tamil


There is not much difference between art and yoga. Since art is transforming a plain white paper or canvas or cloth into an amazingly beautiful portrait while yoga as well is a transformation of a human functioning at bare minimum to someone who can move beyond their habitual way in the form they think, breath, move, and talk. Those who want to join must bring own yoga mat and water bottle n small towel Beginner class hence for those who never had any exposure to yoga are welcomed. It will be hosted at the beautiful heritage building of Malaysia which is the Muzium Telekom. Come and show your patriotism and join us in this fun activity whilst visiting our national treasure which will also feature an art gallery, a bazaar serving food, music and unique merchandise plus accessories!


How to prepare

The venue does not provide parking, so you will need to park at the Menara Olympia building next door and walk over. There is also an open aired parking lot next to The Godown and parking spaces near the church behind Muzium Telekom. You may also opt to take LRT/MRT to Masjid Jamek station and walk over or simply take a Grab Car directly to Muzium Telekom.