Unconference: Building and Managing Communities - Breakout Room 3

  • Physical | Workshop
  • Denpasar, Indonesia

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Social Impact

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Duration: 1 hour
Not Applicable
Up To 40 Learners
Language: English


A conversation on building, managing, and sustaining a community as leaders. 

Speaker: Tadam Chanthavong
Tadam Chanthavong, a 21-year-old from Laos, is deeply committed to youth empowerment, with a particular focus on mental health. Her dedication to this cause led her to participate in the YSEALI Academic Fellowship in 2023, where she engaged with the theme of civic engagement. Tadam achieved academic honors in Community and Rural Development in the same year. Presently, she takes the lead in an activity group called "Campusmixer," which is dedicated to teaching, training, and empowering Lao youth with essential soft skills and life skills. The group conducts activities on a monthly basis to fulfill its vision. Tadam's overarching goal is to establish a supportive, compassionate, and empowering community for the youth she serves.