Stitch & Bitch #4: Spirituality & Sustainability (A Grounding Session)

"To reconnect with yourself, is to reconnect with the Earth" Our decisions influence our surroundings - but unfortunately we're making a lot of decisions unconsciously. We peel back the layers on how our relationship with fashion influences the way we view ourselves, our thoughts and energy. This laidback free-flow session encourages you to internalise and reconnect with yourself, with the aim to realign your actions with your values. **** Stitch ‘N Bitch is a social meet-up for likeminded fashionistas, where we stitch (literally) to prolong the lives of our clothes and take part in a guided conversation. It's a cross between a roundtable discussion and a mending circle - you can bring along your own mending or sewing projects (*optional) while we engage in conversation on current fashion issues, trends and the future of the fashion industry. Session led by Seri Mizani