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Join us at: Location: The Square, Publika (in front of The Social) Date: 17th February Time: 12pm Let’s be real. Talking about being a sustainable and waste-free nation? Malaysia has a long way to go. Malaysia produces 38 million kg of waste daily, that’s enough to fill up the Petronas Twin Towers every 7 days. Worse still, Malaysia ranks No.2 in Asia in generating the most plastic waste. Waste issue has become the 2nd biggest contributor to global warming in Malaysia. At Zero Waste Malaysia, we believe individual actions make a difference. By living the zero waste lifestyle, everyone like YOU and I have the power to build a green and sustainable future for the country. Every small effort, when seen collectively, makes a significant difference. As part of their effort to instil a zero waste lifestyle, their eco warriors, Irene, Huay Ping and Gedeon will be sharing on the topic of 'Zero Waste Living'. A little bit about the speakers, Irene has a passion for environmental sustainability led her to leave her career in journalism to pursue a Masters in Communications where she researched the relationship between Environmental NGOs and corporations. Irene is now working at the Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre attached to an EU-backed project advocating for peatlands while volunteering in a communications capacity with Zero Waste Malaysia. While Seet Huay Ping is the founder of a health food e-commerce store which she walks the talk by practicing an eco-friendly approach for the operation and distribution. She currently serves as former President of MIMKL Toastmasters Club, Kuala Lumpur. She has embraced zero waste lifestyle, since Sep 2017 and is also a former committee member of Zero Waste Malaysia. And Gedeon who was impressed and inspired by residents in Kamikatsu, Japan, aiming to eliminate waste by 2020, Gedeon started to wonder how he could reduce his personal waste. Born & raised in Sabah, Gedeon is now working for a multinational healthcare company in Selangor as a finance project deployment lead. He has been on his zero waste journey since 2018 and he believes the lifestyle change should start from the comfort of home. He is also a proud owner of a dog. The journey towards a more sustainable future starts today. Hope to see you there!


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